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Best Procurement Model

We procure milk directly from farmers only. For ensuring the best quality milk, we don’t allow any middle man in our procurement system. Milk from Farmer’s Pot to ours can is essential condition of our milk procurement system. More than 5000 farmers are the part of our Varddan family. They pour milk on daily basis- morning and evening.


Technology in Milk testing

We are using ultra sonic technology for the testing of fat, SNF and protein. We install Milk testing analyser at our every Village level collection centre. Milk from each farmer is tested at the same time of procuring milk

Traceability through IT intervention

At village level, data of each farmer is captured and automatically being transferred at our centralized server for traceability, analyses and preparation of milk payment sheet.

Hygiene and timely chilling

Hygiene and timely chilling of milk plays very important role in maintaining quality of milk. We maintain milk quality with the help of proper & timely chilling. In our procurement system, neither we use nor we allow anyone for using any neutralizer in milk.

Clean milk production- Awareness programme

Team- Varddan is making aware farmers for clean milk production by organising camps, awareness meetings at village level. Farmers follow the practices for the clean milk production.