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Welcome to Our VARDDAN

VARDDAN is a meaningful initiation of Farmer 2 Consumer Foods Pvt Ltd ,created with the aim to facilitate to the farmers and consumers both for giving value in the supply chain of milk & agri produce . Varddan is here to provide its customers with best quality Milk procured directly from farmers . Whilst, also equipping the farmers with the knowledge, modern equipment and enthusiasm for their betterment and helping them towards modern farming.

We have a core team of many experience leader from across the industry who have come together to implement this vision into reality.



We commit to build a network of 100000 farmer’s family in 2000 villages & consumers in urban for adding value in the supply chain of milk & agri products.

Our Core Value(s)


Founder Message


We at Varddan, are committed to explore solutions and sharing to the farmer families for the opportunity to work for improving their economic condition.
We believe on Sustainability of every stakeholder in any business value chain.
We are also here to make consumers available best quality of Milk, Milk & Agri Products
Our team are working for the prosperity to the milk producers by ensuring milk procurement at fair prices whole the year and giving them quality input services for the reduction of costs of milk & Agri products.

Nikhil Mishra