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The aim of the company is to facilitate the farmer for reducing their production costs by using scientific methods & new technology in cattle farming and agriculture, and also helps them in getting fair price of their products, So that their improvement of their economic and social conditions can be improved.

For the above purposes the company strives to perform the following functions:

  • To increase the production of milk and also emphasise on the production of quality milk.
  • Providing Fair prices for milk produced by farmers.
  • Providing high quality Balanced cattle feed to the farmers at their doorstep.
  • To motivate farmers to take care of animal husbandry and new born calf in scientific manner.
  • Encouraging farmers for vaccination of animals.
  • Motivating the farmers for animal insurance to compensate for the economic loss due to any accidental accident.
  • To motivate for increasing productivity and take care of it scientifically by new techniques in agricultural products and to make available agricultural equipment at reasonable prices
  • Motivating the farmers for economic progress through small scale industries related to agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • Providing technical knowledge for the production of green fodder for animals throughout the year.
  • Advising for increasing agriculture / horticulture and animal husbandry by organizing scientific technique seminars.
  • Providing information related to organic farming / cash crops to the farmers so that the cost of the crop can be reduced.
  • Providing the high quality essential commodities being used by the farmers on daily basis, at a reasonable price at the farmer's doorstep and the benefit of the large association can be given to the farmers.

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